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Polycom SoundPoint IP VoIP Phones

  • Two, Three, & Six Line Phones
  • Compatible with Most IP Switches & Platforms
  • SoundPoint IP 321, 331, 335, 450, 550, 560, 650 & 670
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Polycom SoundPoint IP 650.
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    Expansion Module $239
    SoundPoint IP Expansion Module

    IEEE PoE Cable $35
    PoE (Power over Ethernet Cable), 802.3af, for use with SPIP 300 & 500 phones.
    P/N: 2200-11077-002

    Cisco PoE Cable $35 PoE (Power over Ethernet) Cable, Cisco Power over Ethernet, for use with SPIP 300 & 500 phones
    P/N: 2200-11014-002

    Certified Polycom Dealer Sales
    Polycom Premier Replacement
  • SP IP 321 Specs
  • SP IP 335 Specs
  • SP IP 331 Specs
  • SP IP 450 Specs
  • SP IP 650 Specs
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  • Polycom SoundPoint IP
    VoIP Business Telephones

    Sound Leadership In VoIP Business Phones

    Polycom SoundPoint IP telephones were early market leaders in Voice-Over-IP endpoints. Long known for sound quality and overall performance, the SoundPoint IP phones continues its leadership role in standards-based VoIP technology. Since the SoundPoint IP phones are field upgradeable, they offer investment protection for years to come.

    SoundPoint IP 321: $89

    SoundPoint IP 321 2-Line VoIP Telephone.

    SoundPoint IP 321, 2-line SIP, PoE, 1-10/100 Port: $89

    SoundPoint IP 335: $149

    Click for larger view of the SoundPoint IP 335 2-Line VoIP Telephone.

    SoundPoint IP 335, 2-line SIP, PoE, 2-10/100 Switch, HDVoice $149

    SoundPoint IP 650: $359

    Click for large view of the SoundPoint IP 650 6-Line VoIP Telephone.

    SoundPoint IP 650 6-line IP Phone with HD Voice

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    SoundPoint IP 331: $109


    SoundPoint IP 331, 2-line SIP, PoE, 2-10/100 Switch: $109

    SoundPoint IP 450: $219

    Click for large view of the Polycom SoundPoint IP 450.

    SoundPoint IP 450 3-line IP phone with HD Voice. Compatible Partner platforms, 20. Ships without power supply.

    The SoundPoint IP line of desktop phones utilize Polycom's award-winning Acoustic Clarity Technology to deliver exceptional sound quality for full-duplex interactive conversations that are as natural as being there. The SoundPoint IP phones support multiple protocols (SIP, MGCP) running on the leading IP PBX and softswitch vendors' solutions (Digium, Asterisk, Broadsoft, Sphere, Pingtel, and many more). They operate on AC Power, IEEE PoE (Power over Ethernet), or Cisco PoE. Secure provisioning and field upgrade capability make Polycom the smart choice for VoIP.

    • Full Duplex
    • Acoustic Clarity Technology
    • AC Power, Cisco PoE, or IEEE PoE
    • HTTPS Secure Provisioning
    • Flexible Line Appearances
    • Multiple Call Appearances
    • Headset Operation Through Independent Jack
    • SIP Presence and Instant Messaging
    • Field Upgradeable
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